I, Stan Koretski 2021

This is my life's work. These recordings and songs were written and recorded between 1992 and 2016.

Many creative, generous friends contributed to these recordings, and supported me while I made and re-made them. I thank you all from the bottom of my burning heart of flame. Without you, my few and dear friends, not a chance this old crow would ever caw. Thank you.

Honours - I produced, mixed and mastered this album of twelve songs. I sang the songs, played instruments, recorded guitars, keyboards, harmonica, bass guitar, percussion, found material and wildlife.

I've been recording audio since I was 10 and making music since I was 4 and I always wanted to do this. During plague times, enforced isolation blessed me with sufficient stability to complete a work and achieve a long-held ambition. I had kept songs and priceless recording archives safe until now, under lock and key. An obsession with my life's work had forced me to sacrifice much in order to keep true to my situationist path, and because of this, I was only just recovering from chaos. And suddenly, in the midst of great misfortune, the door opened.

About the songs, I want only to say this. I do not recognise the singer, though I know it is I, Stan Koretski, whose life's work this is. When I hear it back, the person whose lived experience this represents is a stranger to me. I have changed so much since then.

The first and likely to remain the most accurate description of I, Stan Koretski comes from a journalist friend. She described the album as "a mostly melancholy assembly of (songs about) romantic disappointment, despair, bitterness, pain, doubt, fear, and some of the unhappy emotions as well".

There is a sardonic truth here. Some influences. Enjoy.

Stan Koretski.

This is the obligatory bandcamp release.